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Uzbekistan's independence has given a new impetus for the development of social and cultural activities. Evidence of some of the achievements is Uzbekistan's designers, whose creative activities currently go beyond these borders. They are involved in the global development process of modern clothing design while on the home front, new fashion houses and creative associations are being established, fashion shows and festivals are being held regularly.

The development of clothes design in Uzbekistan has experienced both good and bad times. In recent years, fashion designers had to conform to the existing social order. The mass manufacture of functional and practical clothing required collective thought giving no opportunity for individual styles. Today the country has a team of young designers whose styles are strongly individualistic; they aspire to bring more professionalism into this art form and to revitalize interest in the rich traditions of folk clothing design. In the Middle Ages, Samarkand and Bukhara were famous for their cloth, jewelry and ready made clothes, leading as fashion trend-setters throughout the Central Asian region.

Today Uzbekistan faces the challenge to develop its national potential, building on what already exists so as to give this art form its deserved place among other applied and visual arts. The main and overall objective is to become an internationally recognized country on the international fashion-scene, featuring on the modeling ramps of the world. The works of young designers, presented in our cultural website, speak eloquently of the development of clothing design in Uzbekistan and its potential.


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