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About UzDessert Project

Uzbek Music Dessert, or shortly - UzDessert, is a project created by Umid Scholars supported by the Presidential Scholarship of Uzbekistan - "Umid". The main goal of the project is to support and promote Uzbek traditions, culture and heritage online.

UzDessert was founded in 1998 by Umid Scholars studying in the USA. At first, UzDessert was an "unofficial" representative of Uzbek music since it had no support of any kind. In September of 1999, Umid World Administration received an official letter from UzbekNavo association (a fund that promotes music of Uzbekistan) that expressed positive attitude towards UzDessert and provided full support for promoting Uzbek music on the Internet.

Today UzDessert is a non-profit, private, independent project managed by the young generation of Uzbekistan. As stated, the main goal of this project is to give site visitors an idea of what Uzbek culture and music is about, and provide and opportunity to Uzbek people around the world to listen to their favorite songs and to stay informed about up-to-date news on social, cultural and other events or changes taking place in Uzbekistan.

In January 2001, the project was morphed to a cultural portal with more than 200 pages of content and approximately 3 Gbytes of Uzbek music/videos - making the site one of the biggest cultural information resources about Uzbekistan.


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