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It was not very long ago that outlook for Uzbek film industry was bleak. By 1991 the Uzbek cinematography already had its own history, and had produced many outstanding films. However, during the first years of independence the number of produced films sharply decreased, and it was only film sponsorship that prevented its complete decline. There was widespread disillusionment with the nation's films as only few of them caught the attention of the public and critics. It was not surprising that in 1997, only one film was produced - “Margiana” by Kh. Fayziev!

Fortunately, things have improved ever since, as the Uzbek film industry today represents a very different picture. In 1998, ten new films were made. In 1999 –four movies, six in 2000 and about five are due to be shot this year. The movie making business is undergoing a process of revival, as films of recent events and forgotten historical epochs are being made.

It is important to mention the role of national literature. Film making was always maintained a close relationship, and been greatly influenced by literature. This was not reflection on the popularity of literature, but rather than demands and tasks of movie art. If screenings were made on a professional level (“Tohir and Zuhra”, “Nasreddin's Adventures”), they would have been adapted from great novels and literature.

Today, the Uzbek cinematography is catching strength. We are confident, that our film industry has a bright future and will not lose its traditions and creative expressions. It should remain significant in artistic culture, as well as in souls of dedicated viewers.


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People of Uzbek Cinema:

Ali Hamrayev
Yusuf Razikov
Rashid Malikov
Djasur Iskhakov
Shukhrat Abbosov
Rustam Urazaev

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